Research Workshop

Research protocol writing

Research writing is an art and it has been noted that new researchers face difficulties in developing a research protocol, manuscript writing and dissertation. We support our clients to develop and manage comprehensive and accurate research activities with integrity. We provide high quality of services. We focus on following;

  • Abstruct
  • Introduction (Background and rationales)
  • Letreature Review
  • Study Questions or/and Hypotheses
  • Materials and Methods
  • Sampling Analysis
  • Results
  • Recommendations

Research Hypotheses

Validity of Research writing is a very dire activity which is based upon comprehensive and accurate hypothesis estimation. Hypothesis estimation is an art and new researchers face very difficulties in developing and estimating precise hypotheses. We support our clients to learn the best hypotheses skills and techniques which help them to develop and manage comprehensive and accurate hypothesis. We focus on following;

  • What are the P - Values and 95%CL
  • T-test
  • Z-test
  • F-test
  • Chi-Square test
  • Region of acceptance
  • Regression


Referencing is a most vital part of any research work. Accurate referencing is a bit problematic job. We at MAS-RG follow standard referencing and citation techniques which makes your work more effective and presentable. We support our clients to manage accurate referencing skills and techniques. We focus on following referencing styles;

  • APA – American Psychological Association
  • MLA – Modern Language Association
  • Chicago Style – Chicago Manual of Style
  • Turabian Style – based on Chicago Style
  • HRV – Harvard Referencing System
  • ASA – American Sociological Association
  • CBE - Council of Biology Editors

Basic and Advanced Data Analysis

Veracity of a Research Analysis is based upon comprehensive and accurate data analysis. The main aim is to enable the new researchers to understand the introduction and description of data and to explore the very basic descriptive and inferential statistical analyses possible with SPSS/Eviews. We support our clients to develop and manage comprehensive and accurate data analyses skills that also keep the Reliability of their data and efficiently support in data Analysis. We provide highest quality of service. We focus on following;

  • SPSS
    • SPSS Basic Commands
    • Data Coding
    • Data Entering/loading
    • Data Collection Form
    • Continuous & Categorical Variables
    • Categorical Variables from Continuous Variables
    • Interaction between two Categorical Variables (Cross tabulation)
    • Interaction between two Continuous Variables (Linear Regression)
    • Reliability Analysis
    • Convergent Analysis
    • Discriminate Validity
    • Factor Analysis
    • Model Fitness
    • Regression Analysis
    • Moderation Analysis
    • Me deration Analysis
    • Dummy Variables
    • Univariate & Multivariate Regression Analysis (For intermediate & advance model)
    • Interpretations
  • E-Views
    • Basic Commands
    • Stationary Issues
    • Unit Root Test
    • AR Model
    • VAR Model
    • ARMA Model
    • ARIMA Model
    • ARCH Model
    • Co-integration Test
    • VEC Model